Wise Courage Expedition

kreska zielona

It is time to find the I inside you,
 time to reach your dreams;
if not now, then when?

Do you want to empower your career?
Succeed in relationships?
Overcome inner barriers?canoe CMYK maly

To achieve this likely need more courage.
Wise courage
Courage that stimulates your energy, and
holds in check your inner saboteurs

We all lack some kind of courage:
Physical, Emotional, Mental or Spiritual.
If you feel your life is slipping through your fingers,
It is time to overcome your fears and your hesitationMajorka CMYK maly

To awaken Wise Courage you need
knowledge and skills from many fields.
I have trained in this generals from 4 continents,
Canadian Army Cadets, delinquent youth, and
Also housewives, abuse victims, managers.

Yes, you also can succeed, and,
It can be done with lightness and grace
Through exciting, inspiring activities with us.

I am inviting you to  step into you courage now.Jacek_lod_2 BIG



Jacek  Skrzypczynski
#1 trainer by Forbes
kreska zielona


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