Personal Power Retreats for Professionals

Relax | Reflect | Recharge | Renew | Reset | Reboot

„Success is not in what you have, but who you are.” 

 Bo Bennet

Stories of some executives…

  • David had a heart attack last year – he had neglected his health for too long.
  • When Christopher’s wife left him & took the kids, his life lost meaning.
  • Mark is suffering from burnout; he cannot stand his “dream” job.
  • Robert was fired from a high position because he lost his drive.

And what about you? Are you looking after yourself?
Are you sure you are headed in the right direction?

  • Do you feel that in some moments you are losing your personal power?
  • Do you want to continue to succeed without compromising your values?

If so, then you are in the right place.

I invite you to join the Power-Back Expedition. Get Your Power Back and Become Immune to Problems.

 Photo by Patrick Schneider on Unsplash

Photo by David Billings on Unsplash

This expedition guarantees to take you to new levels of physical freshness and mental strength raise your awareness of where you are and how to move forward. You will gain:

  • emotional intelligence and influencing skills
  • improved interpersonal skills and abilities
  • renewal of your personal vision, life and career goals
  • knowledge how to strengthen your “inner game”
  • strength & courage to overcome mental blocks
  • access to 5 distinct, special sources of power
  • new allies who will support you after the program


Our mission 

Restoring the profound wisdom which lies within each of us, supporting you in recovering your true self, stimulating the intelligence of will and the courage of spirit.

Boost your personal power to influence others with ease.

Improve Your executive presence to reach your goals in style.

A Reliable System of Personal Effectiveness                    

  • based on the latest findings of psychology, physiology and neurobiology
  • tested experimentally and with more than 100 groups
  • used by corporate executives, business owners and top athletes
  • trainers recognized by Forbes and Fortune 100 companies


Who should not participate?

  • lazy people – who prefer to sit in their slippers in front of the TV
  • people set in their ways – who do not feel the need to change anything in their lives
  • ‘know it alls’ – those who do not want to be delighted by new discoveries
  • people with ‘no future’ – not interested in self-development


The Power-Back Expedition is a combination of exciting outdoor challenges, open dialogue,
reflection and transferring your discoveries to your personal effectiveness. We intentionally
do not share details in order to create the most surprising and effective journey for you.


When and where?

Cozy hotels in wild places of Poland and other parts of the world

Next Expedition: Vision Expedition: 1-4.06.2023

Other Modules: September (Courage Expedition), October (Power Expedition ), November (Exotic Expedition)

How to apply

1. Send your application to the address

2. After the interview you will receive an information package with all of the details.


3. Call us at  +48 603 649 129 or leave your contact details – we will call you back. During the conversation, you will get all the important information and we will answer all your questions. 

Types of the expeditions

 Power Expedition – Reboot, Recharge, & Win!

Vision Expedition – Renew, Reset, Achieve!

Courage Expedition – Confidence rooted in the REAL you.

 Calm Expedition – Relax, Reflect, Stay Yourself.

Quest for Influence – Become a master of influence

Quest for Fire- Gain Energy and Passion for Action 


Jacek Skrzypczyński

Leadership and team expert, certified by M. Goldsmith, CTI and TCI.
Jacek has broad experience in the field of people and organizational development for international and Polish corporations. He works as an executive and expat coach as well as an MBA professor. Speaker at international conferences. Author of many articles and models in the fields of management, leadership, teamwork and personal growth–he developed the “H” model. Privately is passionate about mountain climbing – he led expeditions to the Alpes, the Himalayas, Rocky Mountains and Alaska. A citizen of Canada and Poland.

He has worked as a senior trainer at OB Canada, a consultant in Neumann Management Institute,
a business development manager in Achieve Global and Impact Training, as well as a coach at Marshall Goldsmith, CoachU and NetExpat. He has developed and led programs in Japan, USA, Canada
and Poland for: American Express, Bank of Montreal, BZWBK, Cadbury- Wedel, Centra-Exide, Coca-Cola, Dialog, Era, Esso, Eurobank, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Hochtief, Hongkong Bank, Kompania Piwowarska, Royal Bank, Shell, Siemens, Toyota, Viessmann, Volvo, Xerox.

Jacek has led over 100 development expeditions around the world for people from 5 continents.

Supporting coach Anna Leciej


Radek Janiak, Managing Director, CEE Synexus

“I am impressed with the results of Jacek’s work with me. In this process I experienced inner purification from frustration, reduced self-confidence and a lack of clear vision. I experienced a fundamental change in my view on problems
and professional reality. This is a huge success. It will help me for many years in any area of my commitment.”

Expedition Participant


 “Finally a program that I REALLY NEEDED!
Demanding, but also giving great satisfaction. An adventure both physical and mental.
An experience that allowed me to think about life and the road to a better future. “

Senior IT Manager

“Before: struggle with life-work balance, overwhelmed with multitasking, not clear how to be most effective.
After: long-term strategy for life, more power to operate + best evaluation in years, peace and stability.”

Benjamin Miekisiak, General Electric, Belgium

 „An unforgettable experience – an adventure that helped refresh my mind and consider what to do next” 

Do you have questions?