Team development


“United people are strong; divided people are weak.”

— Sun Tsu

We arrouse commitment

We built responsibility in teams

We coach, train, and oversee team development in organizations. To achieve long term results, our team growth process is planned strategically and implemented systematically – in synergy with the operational needs of the company.

We propose two main team development approaches: team building and team coaching. Team building is focused on team consolidation around vision and strategy, while team coaching is a process that starts with team diagnostics and focuses on communication and solving issues in the team to make it highly effective and resilient.

Team development


Team Development

Business Results

  • Consolidating the team around goals, vision and strategy
  • Improving communication and teamwork
  • Eliminating team dysfunctions (P. Lencioni method)
  • ‘Challenging Change’ project – for top teams
  • Building and integrating new teams
  • Expeditions for inspiration and motivation – incentive
  • Team Diagnostics and Motivation Scan

Communication and teamwork between departments

Program example

Manufacturing industry – 6 months

  1. Preparatory meetings with participants
  2. Workshops for management teams from 3 factories
  3. Workshops for departments (logistics, finance, manufacturing, maintenance, LM, quality, GPO)
  4. Follow-up meetings and research results


“Explore the undiscovered areas of your team and yourself, to expand your horizons and capabilities….The AfT Team Development Program exceeded my expectations. You’ll get more than you bargained for. I am now proud of my team.”

Łukasz Socha, Finance Senior Manager, Whirlpool

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