Executive Leadership Expeditions

According to our mission we are conducting expeditions for Courage, Relationships, Strength, Vision and Calm – with special emphasis on experience and action so that goals and dreams do not remain an empty words and turn into reality. 

Our experience shows that expeditions are the most effective way of preparing for and going through important changes in life. 

What does our expedition look like? Each expedition is different and at the same time, each one is conducted by experiential education. In most cases, we do not require any special skills, physical form, or preparation. Most expeditions are learning combined with being in the bosom of nature – available to anyone who wants to grow. The next expedition – is already in September 2017. 

Expedition for RELATIONSHIPS

26-28 October 2017, Sudety Mountains

Wyprawa rozwojowa AfT po RELACJE


Expedition for POWER

February 2018, Karkonosze Mountains

Wyprawa rozwojowa AfT po MOC


Expedition for COURAGE

Wyprawa rozwojowa AfT po ODWAGĘ 

Expedition for VISION & STRATEGY

Wyprawa rozwojowa AfT po WIZJĘ i STRATEGIĘ