I am writing to You because I see so many executives accepting overwhelm and burnout as a normal aspect of their work. I used to accept them too – until a major personal crisis. If you experience any of the above, I am inviting you to get back your energy, power and happiness.

I used to manage an operation larger than what I was prepared to handle. I thought I had to suffer and be patient to reach higher goals. This led to mental exhaustion, emotional overwhelm and physical burnout.

In late October of 2008, my body went on a general strike. My back gave up supporting me and I experienced a steady, excruciating pain, that rendered me sleepless and totally helpless for weeks. It seemed that nothing could be done until I discovered a strange way out – through reforming my very core being and reframing my life.

I had to share what I have learned to help you avoid the losses and the suffering. I am here to help you with the major crisis that often and unexpectedly hits top performers like you.

You may not be suffering heavily yet. You may just be experiencing low energy, high stress or lack of clarity. And you know, that not taking care of the little pain leads to stronger pain.

Now you can decide. You have time and intelligence to make changes before the shit hits the fan. I can help You like I’ve helped many other high performers.

I’d like to invite you to the New You. Reset, Refreshed, Recharged. Re-aligned. No matter what is your current position, situation or life story. I invite you to fully enjoy your life again and become even more successful.

If you are a top performer experiencing difficulties and you are committed to Your Self contact me.

Before you quit your job, before you seek therapy, before your health is gone with the wind. The Power-Back process is a true adventure in reclaiming your Self and what you really need.

I use every tried and tested approach to support you on your Journey. You will experience radical change on the physical, emotional, mental and core levels.    The time to Recharge your Power is Now.

Warning: It is easy get distracted from what is most important to you, so
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Jacek Skyski (Skrzypczynski), Power-Back Executive Guide

I am truly surprised by the results of Jacek’s work with me. In this process, I experienced internal ‘cleanup’ from frustration, ailing confidence and a lack of clear vision. I experienced a fundamental change in my perspective on the problems and realities of our business. This is really BIG. It will help me for many years to come in any field of my engagement.

Radek Janiak, Managing Director, CEE Synexus