The English version of the book
„Expedition To the Peak of Your Dreams. Reach for your goals with wisdom, strength and courage”
will be available soon.

About the book in Polish version

„This book is like a movie! Bright, strong, unforgettable”

“Expedition To the Peak of Your Dreams. Reach for your goals with wisdom, strength and courage” is the first of a long awaited series of books devoted to increasing personal power. It is not only astonishing and exciting, but it also discovers to the reader a world of expeditions that hardening the spirit and changes someone’s interior.

The first readers – also senior managers of some companies – wrote,

“I read and feel the goose-flesh on my back, sometimes through the glazed eyes, sometimes with a squeezed throat”

“The book is like a movie! Bright, strong, unforgettable”

“If you are looking for inspiration and courage to fulfill your dreams, you will find them in this book”

About the autor – Jack ‘Skyski’ Skrzypczyński

Why can i be your guide? I became a trainer and coach because I am an alpinist. I am so because difficult and important challenges attract me. I have trained CEOs and generals, and I have repaired the hearts of murderers. I have worked with talented people, difficult youth and the disabled. I have worked with big companies as well as their management boards and also with ordinary people. I know mountain terrains and human struggles very well I know mountain and forest paths; and also the paths of the mind, heart and soul like few do. I rescued people from avalanches, depression and career crises. I spent nights with clients on glaciers; I climbed with the best on rocky walls and huge icicles. I crossed the Patagonia Mountains and led Canadian Army cadets through torrential rivers and the wild mountains of Yukon and Alaska. I am fully experienced to guide you.

The next books planned in the series are: Expedition for Power, Expedition for Life, Expedition for Courage, Expedition Through Pain.

Where can I buy the Polish version of the book in Warsaw?

Księgarnia Ekonomiczna
ul. Grójecka 67, Warszawa, tel. 22 822-90-41

or Księgarnia Naukowa – filia Księgarni Ekonomicznej Kazimierz Leki
Aleja Solidarności 83/89, Warszawa, tel. 22 850-10-20

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