Master your Co-Leadership – Executive Presence Expedition

October 2018, Rudawy Janowickie

 Wyprawa rozwojowa AfT po RELACJE

“You cannot teach a man anything. 

You can only help him find it within himself

Galileo Galilei

Another week of work has come to an end. David, extremely exhausted, falls back on his worn-out armchair. This week his closest co-worker quit her job, he fell out with his partner and lost two important clients. What the heck is happening? Has the world gone mad? When will things finally calm down?

„They won’t – he is reminded of the words of a well-known business speaker until you find a way into people’s hearts, you will keep losing employees and clients.”  Perhaps I really do need a different approach – he thinks.

If you experience similar challenges, this program is for you.

You are not the exception – 80% of managers have similar difficulties. This is not your fault. It is so because the world has changed dramatically. Every employee and every partner is a volunteer who has a choice – more choices are available to them than ever before. This is why your relationships are the first key to your professional destiny. It is easy to forget this when you are focused on large projects and tight deadlines. Do you know exactly how to protect yourself against these failures?

We would like to invite you on a landmark executive program during which you will learn the secrets of Executive Presence in order to strengthen your power to motivate yourself and your people.

What is Executive Presence?

This is effective “being” with others, which has a motivating influence on them.

Executive Presence requires the attitude of an Authentic Leader – a leader who steers others through a community of goals, values and visions. This course is a fundamental step on the road of an effective, present-day professional.

During the 3 days of this expedition we take advantage of the experience of alpinists and other “beings” (a delightful surprise :-)) in order to learn how to establish authentic and effective relationships with others, including difficult people and those who find themselves in crisis situations.

The mountaineering lessons will show us how important it is to “belay” each other and what belaying really consists of.  The lessons with “beings who do not lie” will consist of direct feedback for every participant. Throughout the Expedition you will learn how not to react emotionally and how to harness your emotions in order to influence others more constructively.


A Proven System of Personal Effectiveness

on a physical, emotional and mental level

  • based on the most recent findings in psychology, physiology and neurobiology
  • verified through work with over 100 groups and 2000 indivduals
  • used by top managers of renowned corporations and athletes
  • adventure, experience, reflection, group dialogue

During the program we will discover personal tools and habits which not only guarantee success in leadership, delegation, and execution, but also allow collective energy and creativity to flourish. Managers who cooperate are like alpinits when climbing. The quality of the rope which connects them (their relationship) determines whether or not they will succeed.


 What will you gain?

1.    Reliable training of key soft skills

  • bilateral communication in partnership
  • recognizing the needs and values ​​of others (deep listening)
  • supporting emotional partners in different situations
  • manage your emotions and attitudes in relationships

2.    Useful, unique management knowledge about leadership coaching and communication

3.    Long-term benefits, if you implement the knowledge and competences of the program:

  • better influence on others and less fluctuations of people around you
  • a sense of understanding with different people in different professional roles
  • significant decrease in the number of conflicts and “irreparable matters”
  • increased customer trust, even those “difficult”
  • greater impact on organization results

4.    An unforgettable experience and a group of new supporters who will help you keep on track


Program Leader

Jacek Skrzypczyński – Executive Power Coach & Guide.

Voted “best trainer” by clients – Forbes magazine. Leadership and team expert, certified by M. Goldsmith, CTI and TCI. Strategic mentor for CEO, COO, CFO from global corporations.

Jacek has broad experience in the field of people and organizational development for international and Polish corporations. He works as an executive and expat coach as well as an MBA professor. Speaker at international conferences. Author of many articles and models in the fields of management, leadership, teamwork and personal growth–he developed  the “H” model. Privately he is passionate about mountain climbing – led expeditions to the Alps, the Himalayas, Patagonia and Alaska. A citizen of Canada and Poland.

He has worked as a senior trainer at OB Canada, a consultant in Neumann Management Institute, a business development manager in Achieve Global and Impact Training, as well as a coach at Marshall Goldsmith, CoachU and NetExpat. He has developed and led programs in Japan, USA, Canada and Poland for: American Express, Bank of Montreal, BZWBK, Cadbury- Wedel, Centra-Exide, Coca-Cola, Dialog, Era, Esso, Eurobank, General Electric, Hewlett-Packard, Hochtief, Hongkong Bank, Kompania Piwowarska, Royal Bank, Shell, Siemens, Toyota, Viessmann, Volvo, Xerox.

Jacek has led over 100 development expeditions around the world for people from 5 continents.

When and where?

 October 2018, Rudawy Janowickie
A quality agroturism venue far away from the city buzz.

Note: Before the expedition, a 25 min. interview is required to qualify for the program.

How to apply

  1. Send your application to the address:  [email protected]
  2. Call Jacek + 48 603 649 129 for a short interview.
  3. After the interview you will receive an info package with all of the details.
  4. We will register participants according to the order of applications.

More details: tel.: +48 71 351 83 61 ; mobile: + 48 609 495 734 , [email protected]


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