Right Choice

Adventure for Thought- The team for especially demanding tasks

Why is the cooperation with AfT leadership & strategy theright choice? Because you gain:

  • partner experienced in supporting corporations in taking up new challenges and solving the problems on various markets and in different fields
  • perfectly prepared and delivered programs, leading  to  the achievement of expected business results (confirmed by evaluations)
  • the highest client service standards developed on the basis of our international experience
  • safety and confidentiality – highly ethical approach to all contacts and activities
  • access to a worldwide network of partners and programs conducted in the most attractive regions of Europe and the world
  • attractive and effective educational methods based on experiential, action and blended learning
  • the best trainers* with a passion for working with people as well as a deep understanding of the psychology of management and business processes

* e.g. ‘Trainer of the year’ – voted by clients (Forbes, 2004)

Opinions of managers
“I’m deeply impressed by AfT exercises. They really made me and the whole group think. I could easily refer it to my own and firm’s performance, drawing a lot of conclusions.”
Mirosław Płuciennik, Master of Production, Volvo Poland
An excellent training boosting energy and increasing our team’s effectiveness. It contributed to improvement of communication and increase in trust between team members. With such experience it will be easier for us to work together on future challenges.”
Raf Jansen, Plant Director, GE Power Controls
“AfT training & consulting has realized numerous projects for employees and directors of Viessmann Central and Eastern Europe. Every time these projects met with a very good reception, which is proved by the evaluation sheets. With real pleasure we may recommend AfT leadership & strategy services.”
Artur Ulrich, General Director, Viessmann Eastern Europe.
“I have never before experienced these techniques and exercises, although I have taken part in many interesting courses. It was an unusual experience, which brushed away the everyday duties so that we could ponder upon our work and the ways which would allow us to work for an even better future.
Benjamin Miekisiak, Quality Manager, General Electric
From post course questionnaires…
What did the team achieve during the programme?
“One team, pursuing one aim together emerged from two separate teams. Thorough analysis of where we are and where we’re going. We noticed lots of fundamental issues. I can say that at the moment there is no “US” versus “THEM” division. I begun to look for allies for deep changes within the company. We could see the team and the company as if in a mirror, and we begun the process of changes.”
AfT staff
“Very professional, good listeners, incredibly warm and friendly. I really trust them. My hunch concerning their competence and heart for the job was completely confirmed. Their preparation of the projects and discussions is just perfect.”
How will the course help you to improve your performance at work?
“By creating a cohesive team, increased self-assurance, deeper understanding of the co-workers, better knowledge of the ways in which the organization functions. It is a good lesson of modesty, it fosters genuine talks, shows our strengths and weaknesses, improves communication and cooperation within the team. It enabled us to get to know the causes of our problems, passed universal knowledge. Now I can say I fully understand what planning, discipline and cooperation mean.”
Programme in a nutshell
“At last we dealt with what WE lacked. Superb show of professional work. Difficult, challenging; changed a lot both in myself and the team. An excellent lesson of psychology in practice. An intellectual adventure, more than one year of management studies. It is really needed. An experience which I will remember for the rest of my life. I can’t find great enough words to describe it!”