Organizational Growth

high performance culture

“To improve is to change;
to be perfect is to change often.”
Winston Churchill

All organizations need disciplined thinking and committed people aligned with a strategic and systemic approach. We are focused on people and results in organizational leadership. Our staff has extensive experience supporting international and local corporations in taking on new challenges.

Being acutely aware of the difficulties that accompany change, we help managers overcome barriers and achieve goals. Through thorough understanding of management psychology, business processes, and market leadership, we assist our clients to achieve breakthrough results – which is confirmed by performance measurements and testimonials of our clients.

Objectives / business results

  • developing leaders and talent in the organization
  • aligning management around common goals
  • assessment and development of organizational culture
  • implementing changes in organizational systems
  • design, development, and implementation of vision and strategy
  • improving communication within the organization (vertical and horizontal)
  • strengthening collaboration between departments
  • evaluation and construction of a training system for staff competencies

Program example

World Class Manufacturing
Organizational culture change for more than 600 employees
from 3 factories
Market leader, FMCG industry– 5 years

  1. Team building and teamwork programs
  2. Cooperation and communication in organization
  3. Reducing effectiveness gaps in production
  4. Leaders’ Academy with assessment and evaluation
  5. Training and supervision for internal coaches
  6. Team coaching for performance managers

“AfT conducted a strategic leadership development program in our organization. The result was a change in managers’ management style, helping the whole organization to broaden its horizons and improve performance.”
Vera Marega
HR Regional dir., G4S Europe