developing talent
“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.”
Albert Einstein
Our 25-year experience in the leadership field showed us that the key to growing leaders is not passing on knowledge, but rather inspiring and supporting them in continuous learning. We see ourselves as igniters of a strong will in leaders to become truly responsible for their own growth and as supporters of their leadership journey. What is called for then is character development of existing and aspiring leaders. Character can be strengthened by real experiences and that is why we use Experiential and Action Learning – challenging leaders’ assumptions and comfort zones so they overcome internal barriers, learn to thrive on change, and become true engines of progress for your organization.
Business results
A team is more effective than an individual. That is why we stress developing leaders in cross-organizational teams that are able to change the way things are done. In our process, leaders will focus on principles, goals and strategy – fundamentals for organizational stability and growth – growing commitment of employees and clients. We develop leaders on 4 levels:
levels of leadership
1. Self-leadership – individual vision & strategy + entrepreneurship
2. Co-leadership – mastering relationships 1 on 1
3. Team Leadership – building, growing and sustaining a team
4. Organization – disciplined systemic and strategic thinking

Program example Leadership Development Market leader, manufacturing – 3 years Developing top managers in the organizations

  1. The basis of leading people in the organization
  2. Video-coaching – increasing awareness skills
  3. Improving communication between departments
  4. Management in times of change and crisis
  5. Self-leadership and relationship mastery
  6. Support in development of leaders and their teams.
 “I am not sparing time and resources for the development of my people. I get personally involved in developing our leaders. It is worth it – this is why we have results.” Janusz Jankowiak CEO, Bertelsmann arvato