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Who am I?

I’m Jacek “Skyski” Skrzypczyński, Executive Mentor & Guide, Leadership Coach. Trainer no. 1 by Forbes magazine, certified business coach: M. Goldsmith, J. Mattone, ICF PCC, CTI, TCI, lecturer at Executive MBA, public speaker, author.

Who I work with?

I work with Top Professionals, who wish to climb higher and breathe easier. I help build up their strength, enhance their performance, creativity and executive presence; to overcome stagnation, a crisis or difficulty and stabilize their position, regain their energy, freshness and satisfaction from work.

My clients results?

– Three promotions in 3 years, in spite of glass ceiling up to COO;
– First time CEO puts his company on its feet after a big crisis;
– Promotion to CFO of an outsider in an organisation with a foreign culture;
– Overcoming burnout and successfully reclaming duty as CSO.

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Helping more than 200 executives and over 100 teams, I have learned a lot about challenges of present-day managers.

Some of them feel stress coming both from the top and the bottom. Some of them feel loneliness at the top. Some of them deal with exhaustion leading to burnout.

They have to work dealing with constant changes, overload and chaos in a global VUCA. They may have health, family and financial problems, hence difficulties while building engaging attitude in others and performing the best they can.

But you know this and I know this – they are amazing. They are strong and very efficient high-performers, who just need to grab a rope from the partner skilled enough to prepare them for their highest and lowest peaks of career.

I am that person.

My name is Jack Skyski.

Trainer no. 1 by Forbes magazine

based on votes of over 400 HR directors

Certified Business Coach

M. Goldsmith, J. Mattone, ICF PCC, CTI, TCI

25 years of experience

200 managers, 100 teams, over 7500 coaching hours

I am an executive coach – someone who helps managers achieve success and not lose health while doing it.

I am the man, who shows executives all over the world how to climb higher and breathe easier.

How I help executives reclaim their full professional and personal power?

The most important thing is I believe to get to the top and to climb higher the corporate ladder, one have to fully restore both his personal and working power. These two are essential to discover The Real Energy of the Resilience Executive.

When is it important?

Especially when one is important and valued in organization, but it is more than obvious that he is dealing with burn-out.

Problem: tries to find his way back, both for company and for family; lacks vital forces and is depressed, though company does not want to fire him, as he is a valued member with a lot of experience and contacts.

Results: working on whole 4 levels of his energy, Mark systematically regains his strength and, in result, after only a month after being back into work he is reinstated to important operations.

Story of Mark

From 6 month of not working to back to normal

I am brutally honest. I am courage. I have a strategic mind and the heart of an alpinist that loves challenges. I accompany one on either part of his journey or to the very top, to help reach peak in the best time, best style and with the most ease possible.

When it is important?

When organization wants to discover the full potential of person and seeks for loyal executive, fully devoted to his work.

Problem: complains about the head office’s and management’s lack of understanding; feels the glass ceiling; thinking about changing job.

Results: promoted three times in two years, first to regional director, then Chief Executive Officer of Europe and finally the COO; remained in the company for the satisfaction of working with his people and the joy of developing the company.

Story of Xavier

From general director of his region to COO

I am a coach and an alpinist. On a very deep level I believe and fully understand that great accomplishments call for high standards and enduring habits. Thanks to my global experience, I can serve as a reference guardian of the standards which one defines in order to reach his goals. 

When it is important?

When someone feels he is capable of much more, yet is struggling inside and outside, especially when changing position from working in specific country or industry to working in a place with very different culture.

Problem: lack of trust in his ability to collaborate across departments; fears he will be omitted from promotion

Results: promoted to CFO level as the company turns global; increased self-confidence in creating strategic alliances.

Story of Xavier

From general director of his region to COO

I work with top professionals who wish to:

– build up their strength and a strategic edge for their next challenges;
– climb swiftly and confidently to higher levels of influence and status;
– enhance their performance, creativity and executive presence;
– breathe easier in this rough race for success and prestige;
– overcome stagnation, a crisis, or difficulty and stabilize their position;
– regain their energy, freshness and satisfaction from work.

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