Mission and Philosophy

 “Work may be suffering or a beautiful adventure.
The choice is yours “

Adventure for Thought (AfT) has been operating since 1991. Founded in Calgary, Canada, the Polish office in Wrocław – specializes in development programs, coaching and consulting for leaders and managers.

Our mission

we inspire and support people, teams and organizations
to reach full potential
through continuous learning

Our philosophy and values

Our philosophy, to a large degree, is based on the philosophy of Outward Bound – the world organization that helps youth, adults and companies develop their personal and team skills, reach high aims, overcome difficulties and learn how to help others.

Kurt Hahn, the man with great authority, is the founder of Outward Bound and World Universities. For him, the aim of education is to help people develop:

  • enterprising curiosity,
  • undefeatable spirit,
  • tenacity in pursuit,
  • readiness for sensible self-denial,
  • compassion and service to others.

Pillars of our philosophy are:

  • belief in people and the power to make dreams come true
  • the need for balance in life, peaceful co-existence with others and with nature
  • the aspiration for continuous self-improvement, also through courage in taking risks
  • the desire of supporting and servicing people to make the world better

The idea, name and logo of our company

The idea of our company arose while working in Yukon for Canadian Army Cadets. In Whitehorse – the capital of Yukon – we came across a bakery that made the best bread for trappers. The bakery was called “Food for Thought”, which is ‘food’ that induces thoughts. Eureka! That is what Adventure means to us – the way to inspiration, insight and new ideas.

For us, Adventure means all intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual events that give us a chance to grow. We think that whatever happens to us can be Adventure – it only depends on our attitude. We can take advantage of every situation to learn something from it, provided that we keep the ‘adventurous attitude’ – the ability to take on challenges. With such an attitude our outlook on life is transformed from pain and suffering to real pleasure – regardless of problems we may face.

By combining Adventure with reflection we create training sessions that change the participants’ attitude of their work and life. People really inspired by adventure stop complaining, act effectively, and live fully.

Our logo is the pyramid, well and circles of wisdom all at once. What comes to mind when we think about our logo is peak performance, honing of skills, the well of thoughts and the maze of knowledge. You will probably see more – depending on the discoveries during our training sessions.

Aims are very important to us but so is the style of action. In good atmosphere, believing that we do our best, we work more effectively to develop others and ourselves.