AfT Programs

“You cannot teach a man anything.
You can only help him discover it inside of him.”

Strong and cohesive teams,
efficient and decisive leaders,
significantly improved bottom line…

…these are the outcomes that we committ to. By establishing a working relationship with us you will get a solid partner – specialist in coaching, training and consulting in the field of the people, team and organizational management (HRM) – as well as all benefits of innovative and effective development programs that are tailored to the needs and goals of your organization.

Typical AfT programs:

  • 10-day Leadership Development for top managers from 6 continents with individual coaching and action learning. (7 months process)
  • Management board consolidation of global service brand around company vision and strategy, managing change as well as consulting in process. (2 years)
  • Building and developing top management team and successors for international production corporation. (3 years)
  • 5–year World Class Manufacturing program for a leading brewery; training +900 staff in teamwork, productivity, communication and leadership
  • 20-day train the trainer program for an FMCG market leader (8 months)
  • Cross-cultural work program for 25 directors from 12 countries
  • Group coaching of „best talent in Europe” for a global financial firm
  • Supporting a multi-national manufacturing firm in vision, values and strategy development
  • Leadership and change program for managers of leading service brand
  • Leadership expedition for sales managers of global distribution network

Areas of action AfT

By cooperating with AfT leadership & strategy you can increase the potential and effectiveness of your company through development of staff and improving organizational processes. You can achieve this by participating in training programs, consulting projects and development paths leading to certificates (ICF approved Coaching Certificate, Leadership Certificate, Trainer Certificate). Being aware that every organization is unique, we tailor our programs exactly to your needs and expected results.

Programs for managers

A series of courses developing managerial competencies including organizational management, motivating and managing people, development and communication of a vision/strategy, teamwork and personal development.

Programs for staff working with clients

A series of sessions for sales force and customer service supplying them with knowledge and competencies necessary for creation of stable, profitable relations with current and potential clients. Our goal is to inspire people to be effective ambassadors of the company, its values and products.

Programs for whole teams and departments

Here we focus at the development of interpersonal effectiveness. You should expect that your team will strengthen bonds, find a common understanding of values and attitudes; communication between team members will improve and the needs of team members will be better taken care of. Participants of these programs return to the company with new energy and initiative.

Programs for the HR department and internal trainers

Programs for managers and HR specialists providing participants with tools facilitating effective human resources management in your company, and developing the skills of trainers working  inside your organization.

Programs for the whole organization

These programs will increase the effectiveness of the company operations and result in the improvement of its internal and external image. They include: strategic consulting, employee and client satisfaction studies, process optimization programs, organizational scanning, Assessment Centers, Corporate Social Responsibility and many others aligned with our mission and the needs of the client.


The quality of our work is confirmed by references from satisfied clients and by program effectiveness measurements. Thanks to our clients’ hard work as well as our inspiration and support, the corporations working with us have achieved the following results:

  • increased profitability of logistic operations and customer service
  • significantly increased production indicators and sales effectiveness
  • finalized key projects and introduced new products
  • implemented important organizational changes
  • increased level of external and internal client satisfaction